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The worlds smallest dog

how small is the worlds smallest dog?

Guinness World Records has named and recognized the world’s latest smallest dog – in height. The title of smallest dog goes to Miracle Milly, a 21-month-old Chihuahua residing in Puerto Rico.

Milly’s height is just 3.8 inches when measured from backbone to paw. The tiny dog is not taller than an iPhone. The popular phone stands at 4.87 inches.

The minute dog is owned by Vanessa Sempler, an Argentinian dog breeder, who in 2012 sent Guinness World Records photos, videos and certified veterinarian documents stating Milly’s height. In June of this year, the organization sent their own photographer to the island to take official photographs and confirm Milly was I fact the world’s smallest dog. Yesterday Guinness World Records officially announced Milly as the tiniest canine registered so far.

The World’s Smallest Dog title previously belonged to Boo Boo, a long-haired Chihuahua from Kentucky. His official height is 4 inches tall.

Congratulations to Milly for being the world’s tiniest dog!

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